4 Amazing Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair

which cold pressed oil is best for hair

One of the most used oils for cooking, massage, lamps, and so on is mustard oil. Extracted from mustard seeds, both yellow and black ones, the oil is known for its unique smell, color, viscosity, and taste. In several cuisines, specifically Indian, mustard oil is a quintessential ingredient that can bring out the flavors in the best way. It has also shown numerous health benefits, from reducing cold and cough in children to boosting hair growth and scalp health.

The following article will speak about some of the major benefits of mustard oil for your hair, along with other aspects like the differences between yellow and black mustard oil or why cold-pressed mustard oil is preferred.

What is Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil?

Two different methods are usually implemented for extracting oil from the seeds. These are-

  1. Hot pressed extraction
  2. Cold pressed extraction

Although mustard oil is extracted, either way, many people prefer to use the cold-pressed one due to its numerous health benefits. To begin with, in the cold pressed extraction method, the oil is extracted by applying pressure on the seeds. 

After washing and cleaning the mustard seeds, they are poured into a grinder or a masher. As the seeds are mashed, oil is released which is then collected in containers and jars. After that, it is sent to the factories for purification or refining and packed in bottles or pouches.

The striking difference between cold-pressed mustard oil and hot-pressed mustard oil is the absence of heat. If heat is applied to the seeds at the time of extraction of the oil, it can alter the chemical composition and render the oil unfit or dangerous for human consumption and use. 

But if we consider the cold pressed method, no heat is used to extract the oil; therefore, the final or refined product has the same chemical composition as the mustard seeds. Therefore, one can easily enjoy this particular product’s health benefits without being concerned about side effects or health dangers.

You can get unrefined and refined cold-pressed mustard oil. However, the unrefined product is bitter and only sometimes suitable for consumption. But you can use it for other purposes, specifically for your hair.

Yellow Mustard Oil or Black Mustard Oil- Which is Better?

There are two types of mustard seeds grown across the world. These are yellow and black seeds. The oils extracted from them have considerable differences you should be aware of before purchasing the product. In this section, we have explained which particular oil is better- yellow or black mustard oil.

Yellow mustard oilBlack mustard oil
The main characteristics of yellow mustard oil are its mild flavor and sweet aroma.On the other hand, black mustard oil is spicy and has a strong fragrance that can irritate the nasal passage.
This is used in most types of cooking across the world.Black mustard oil is mainly used in Indian or Indian cuisine.
The yield of yellow mustards is very low, which is why the price is exceptionally high.Black mustard oil is cultivated across several countries, primarily in India. Due to the abundance, its price is within the affordable range.
Yellow mustard is native to The US.Black mustard is native to India. 
In the unrefined state, yellow mustard oil could taste better. On the contrary, black mustard oil is extremely bitter and unfit for consumption in the unrefined or raw form.
Also, the yield of oil from yellow mustard seeds is low.The yield of oil from the black mustard seeds is quite high.

Hair Benefits of Mustard Oil

Now that we have discussed mustard oil extraction and the differences between yellow and black seed mustard oil, it’s time to move on to the main discussion topic: the hair benefits of using this oil. 

Mustard oil is often used in India as a massage or hair-growing oil. Studies have shown that the ingredients present in the item or its other characteristics make it one of the best home remedies for growing hair and boosting its overall health.

The following section will introduce you to the major benefits you can enjoy after using mustard oil.

  1. Mustard Oil Prevents Microbial Infection in the Scalp

Mustard oil has antimicrobial compounds. Applying the oil to your scalp can easily prevent the growth of microorganisms, especially bacteria. 

As a result, you won’t have to worry about scalp infections, rashes, itchiness, etc. However, suppose you have any open wound or another type of infection that has exposed the underlying skin. In that case, it is better to avoid using the oil because it can irritate due to its chemical composition.

  1. It Can Keep the Scalp Hydrated and Moisturized

One of the major hair problems that almost every man and woman must deal with is the dry and rough scalp. It can often lead to irritation, rashes, itching, etc. A dry scalp is one of the major reasons you can lose hair. You must keep it hydrated or moisturized for as long as possible. 

This is where mustard oil comes into play, as it acts as a humectant and traps moisture within your scalp. With the higher hydration rate, your hair follicles will stay moisturized, and you won’t have to suffer from other problems like irritation and rashes.

  1. The Oil Strengthens Hair Follicles and Roots

Mustard oil is one of the best ingredients for strengthening hair follicles and roots. According to Indian culture or Ayurveda, it is often believed that the black seat mustard oil has exceptional benefits in terms of strengthening the hair roots and preventing further breakage. 

This is one of the reasons why people usually use oil to massage the scalp and hair of a baby, especially that of a newborn. The higher nutrition rate or the presence of mono-unsaturated fatty acids in mustard oil is a major booster for your health and facilitates its growth over time.

  1. It Comes With Multiple Antioxidants

The mustard oil also contains vitamins E and D, considered the best antioxidants one can have. It prevents the oxidative damage of hair follicles and roots, thereby improving the overall texture of your hair and boosting its growth. Even if you have lost a significant section of your hair, the application of mustard oil can facilitate the growth of new hair strands.

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Which Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil is Better?

Mustard oil Back Packing

There are several types of mustard oil on the market, some of which are best for cooking while others are used in massage therapies, hair treatments, and so on. Of all these options, Limmunoil cold pressed mustard oil is the best for boosting your hair. 

It is made from cold extraction technique without the involvement of any heat source. As a result, the composition of the mustard oil is exactly similar to that of the source or the mustard seeds from which it is extracted. On top of everything, the brand is known for selling organic products; therefore, its mustard oil is 100% natural and organic.


In this article, we have shared the details about how mustard oil can improve your hair health and boost the growth of new strands. In addition, we have also shed light on the differences between yellow and black seeds mustard coil and what benefits one can enjoy with the cold pressed mustard oil. Therefore, with this guide, you won’t have any problem deciding whether you want to include this oil in your list or not.

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