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Pack of 5 Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Helps in burning calories & quick source of energy.
  • Antibacterialantifungalantivirusanti-inflammatory properties.
  • Antioxidant – Improves immunity.
  • Combats Dandruff acts as a complete hair solution.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Natural deep conditioner.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Removes dryness of hair.
  • Can be used as body moisturizer.
  • May increase good cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol).
  • May reduce bad cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol).
  • May improve brain function.
  • Helps cure digestive ailments.
  • Promotes liver health.
  • Promotes urinary health.
  • Baby care.
  • Skin care.
  • Oral health (mouth wash).
  • Thanks to the fatty acid content, it can be used regularly as a body moisturizer. Studies have shown that it is the ultimate DIY treatment for acne. It helps bring a glow to your face skin if used properly.
  • Studies say that Coconut oil may help burn calories and lead to a reduction in weight. Coconut oils contain fat, a saturated fat made of different fatty acids, and help reduce weight by burning fat.
  • The moisturizing effects of Coconut oil are promising. Coconut oil helps to remove dandruff from your hair.
  • It helps remove hair fall, thus keeping your hair thick and healthy. It helps grow new hair and keep you young.
  • Pure Cold-pressed Coconut oil has natural antiviralantibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • The concentration of beneficial fats and antimicrobial properties can help cure digestive ailments if used in food. Its use in helping digestion makes it a popular ingredient in the food.
  • It is good for the heart to turn bad cholesterol (LDL) into good cholesterol (HDL). It is very beneficial for healthy heart functioning.
  • Helps promote liver health and also removes urinary tract infections. Thus it aids urinary health.
  • It can be used for baby massage and laying a sound foundation for a newborn.
  • It can be of great use as a mouth wash.

Direction of Uses

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Here is a look at four ways to revitalize your hair and skin using Limmunoil Coconut Oil.

  • A nice relaxing ‘Champi’ (head massage) rejuvenates even the most tired soul.
  • Pre-wash protector – When applied before using the shampoo, coconut oil can stop the hair from soaking too much water, which helps prevent damage and dryness to the hair, thus preventing hair fall. Apply the shampoo 30 minutes before the wash.
  • Conditioner – Like any good conditioner, coconut oil strengthens the hair shaft and helps to prevent breakage. You can use coconut oil in place of your standard conditioners. It also helps in hair growth.
  • Styling aid – Apply a dab of coconut oil to damp hair for effective absorption and styling.
  • Hair mask – For nourishing hair treatment, apply 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil to your hair and leave it overnight. Wash it thoroughly in the morning. So if you want to keep your hair smooth and shiny, apply it overnight.

Coconut oil for a glowing face and skin solutions.

  • Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing benefits, many women use

Coconut oil is a nighttime moisturizer on your face.

  • Rub the oil in circular motions all over your face and neck, giving yourself a gentle massage.
  • You can cleanse the area where you applied coconut oil with a gentle face wash.
  • It is a skin softener and helps get rid of dry skin conditions.

Ways to cook with coconut oil to improve immunity

  • When sautéing or stir-frying vegetables, fish, eggs, or meat, you can use it. It truly

Acts as an immunity booster.

  • You can coat the meat in coconut oil before baking.
  • Cookies, cakes, and brownies can be baked using coconut oil.
  • Used in medium heat cooking.

Mouth wash

  • It can be used as a mouth wash in oil pulling, which kills some of the harmful bacteria present in the mouth.

Important Facts

  • In South India, coconut oil is used frequently in food. This is basically because Coconut is found in abundance in South India and is cheap also. South Indians cook most of their food in coconut oil.
  •  Pure cold pressed Coconut oil has Alpha-Linolenic Acid [ALA], Vitamin A & K, Polyphenols, MCTs, HDL, Lauric acid, and Ketones as major components.
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