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Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

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Benefits of Mustard Oil

  • Protect Heart Health
  • Decrease Levels of LDL (Bad) Cholesterol
  • Relieve Pain caused by Conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Natural Remedy to Treat Cold Symptoms
  • Help Heal Cracked Heels
  • Slow Cancer Cell Growth
  • Enhance the Strength of the Skin Barrier
  • Natural Hair Conditioner
  • Has Blood Purifier Properties
  • Helpful in Tooth Ache

Uses and Health Benefits of Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil For Cooking, Health Benefits

Cold-pressed mustard oils can be used or beneficial for various reasons. A few such reasons include cooking and beauty products. The cold-pressed mustard oil contributes to healthier hair, skin and also good for persons with bad health conditions.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil Health Benefits

Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil for cold and cough

People with heart problems are said to avoid oils, but Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil could be a good solution. It manage cholesterol and improves blood circulation around the body. 

Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil is rich in high nutrients offersthe purest form of cold-pressed mustard oil, which is good for your health. It consists of monounsaturated fatty acids, which help defeat bad heart conditions. 

It consists of Omega 3 and 6 factoids which are highly beneficial and healthy for heart issues. The oil has anti-cancerous properties and thus is a home for a healthy body. 

Diabetic patients can also intake this oil as it helps and as it does not consist of added preservatives. Mustard oils are also used to cure coughs and colds. Here are some health benefits of Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil:

  • It reduces the high cholesterol levels in the body, thus endowing you with a healthy heart.
  • Useful for people with high blood pressure and Diabetic problems if consumed in cooking.
  • Effective in Joint pains due to anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Useful in maintaining average blood circulation as it relaxes the mind if applied to the scalp.
  • It has been effective against cold and cough for decades.
  • For blood purifier properties, it can be consumed in food.
  • It has anti-cancer properties and is thus a boon for a healthy body.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil for Body Massage

  • A good body massage with mustard oil improves blood circulation, keeping joint and muscle pain away during the winter season.
  • Massaging with mustard oil helps retain the body's heat, keeping it warm during cold weather conditions. Just put some oil on your palms and rub your palms and then gently apply lubricant on your body. After half an hour, take a gentle bath.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil for Teeth Ache

Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil for Tooth Ache
  • Take a few drops of mustard oil and add a pinch of rock salt to it. Massage the mixture on your teeth, jaws, and gums regularly to keep them strong, healthy, and shiny. It also helps to reduce toothache.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil Benefits for Hair

Cold-pressed mustard oil has always been beneficial for our hair; it can be used for various reasons. A few such reasons are discussed here below.

    • Cold-pressed mustard oil acts as a natural conditioner for our hair. It consists of fatty acids that retain the hair's moisture and ensure that the hair looks fresh. It makes the hair look smooth, soft, and silky.
    • Cold press mustard oils help nourish the hair and fill our hair with nutrients that prevent various problems like hair loss and hair thinning. It also strengthens our hair and gives it a shiny appearance.
    • It promotes hair growth as it is rich in antioxidants and many other nutrients that accelerate hair growth.
    • Massaging your scalp with mustard oil promotes good blood circulation, which in return helps to make your hair stronger than ever before.
    • It has antifungal properties that help maintain a clean scalp and eliminate various bacteria and fungi.

How to Use Mustard Oil for Hair?

It can be used as a hair mask along with lemon juice. Bananas and aloe vera gel are two more great additions. Hair will be nourished and strengthened by using a mustard oil hair mask.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil Benefits for Skin

Cold press mustard oil is used as a magic potion for the skin. It is a common skin care therapy that is present in the household of every Indian. It helps clean the skin and open up the skin's pores by stimulating the sweat glands. 

As it consists of antibacterial properties, it helps in defeating the growth of bacteria and fungi and defeats the chances of skin infection. On the skin, it may be used as a moisturizer, a face mask.

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Ubtan’? It is an application made with natural ingredients and helps nourish, exfoliate and bring a glow to your skin and face. Mustard oil is an essential component used in this natural cosmetic called ‘Ubtan.’

It is an application made with natural ingredients and helps nourish, exfoliate and bring a glow to the skin.

 How to Use Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil for Skin?

  • Just mix turmeric powder, saffron, sandalwood, Bengal gram, and mustard oil.
  • Apply the paste on your body and face and keep it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Then scrub it off and take a bath. It is beneficial to keep that skin supple and glowing.

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil for Cooking

Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil for cooking

Our ancestors have been using mustard oil for ages in food. It has been extremely popular among home cooks in China, Russia, and many other South Asian countries.

Cold-pressed mustard oil can be used to cook a variety of foods. With a strong flavor, intense aroma, and a high smoke point, it is used in sautéing and stir-frying vegetables in large parts of the world. The aroma of the oil affects the taste of the food. It adds authenticity to the food.

Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil consists of no added colors or preservatives, contributing to its good taste and evergreen smell.

It reduces cholesterol and is helpful for the heart if used in cooking. Diabetic patients and those suffering from high blood pressure can benefit significantly by using cold pressed mustard oil for cooking purposes.

It can be used in Indian pickles, commonly known as ‘achaars.’ However, they should be consumed moderately.

Why Use Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil?

The Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil has various beneficial properties than other oils extracted by the hot process. It is an Organic Mustard Oil with the inherent properties of mustard seeds. 

It is a Pure Mustard Oil For Cooking which contributes to the taste and the fragrance of the food. It has various properties for health and skin and hair. It could be the best solution to various problems.

Limmunoil Pure cold-pressed mustard oil is free from Sodium, Carbohydrates, and sugars and extracted by cold-pressed method at room temperature.

Important Facts about Limmunoil Nigella Oil

Vernacular Names of Mustard Oil

In Hindi- कम तापमान मे निचोड़ा गया सरसों का तेल 

In Tamil- குளிர் அழுத்தப்பட்ட கடுகு எண்ணெய்

In Telugu- కోల్డ్ ప్రెస్డ్ ఆవాల నూనె

In Kannada-  ಕೋಲ್ಡ್ ಪ್ರೆಸ್ಡ್ ಸಾಸಿವೆ ಎಣ್ಣೆ

In English-  Cold Pressed Mustard oil 

Scientific Name:  The scientific name of the cold-pressed mustard oil is Brassica Juncea.

What is a Mustard Seed?

Every part of the mustard plant is edible; even the seeds are edible. They grow in various parts of the earth, including North Africa and various parts of Asia and Europe and can be of various colors, including brown, yellow, and black. 

Mustard seeds are an important spice material for different parts of India and the seeds are pressed, mixed, and extracted thoroughly to extract the oil from them; this is how it gives rise to the Original Mustard Oil.

सरसों का तेल

कडवे तेल के नाम से प्रचलित, सरसों के तेल का प्रयोग कई सदियों से भारत मे किया जा रहा है। कई तरह के औषधीय गुणों से भरपूर होने के कारण, सरसों के तेल का प्रयोग कई प्रकार की स्वास्थ्य समस्याओ मे किया जाता है। सरसों के तेल मे तेज सुगंध तथा स्वाद मे तीखा होता है, जिसके कारण इस तेल का प्रयोग तलने, तड़का लगाने और पकाने के लिए प्रयोग मे लिया जाता है।

Nutrition Facts In Limmunoil Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

The table given below shows the nutritional facts of cold-pressed mustard oil per 100 gms


Value Energy 

899.64 Kcal








Dietary Fiber


Fatty acids, Total Saturated 


Fatty acids, Total Monounsaturated 


Fatty acids, Total polyunSaturated 



Source of Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Limmunoil Cold Pressed Oil Speciality

Limmunol cold-pressed mustard oil is obtained by a technique of cold press, which is one of the unique oil extraction techniques. Cold-Pressed Mustard oils are better than hot-pressed mustard oil because of the process by which the oil is extracted. 

First, the mustard seeds are crossed and then compressed. Therefore, this source of mustard oil is considered the purest form of extracting oil. To get the purity of the cold-pressed mustard oil hydraulic press is used in the processing.

Purity of Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

Limmunoil Product Quality and Specifications

Limmunoil Cold-Pressed mustard oil is the purest mustard oil as it is made through premium quality raw materials contributing to its premium quality. The product is obtained through cold pressing, which is done with the help of a hydraulic press under natural room temperature. 

This contributes to the 100% purity of the oil as we avoid any added artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. 

Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil is made from the best quality mustard seeds and has no water. It consists of zero fat and zeroes cholesterol, and so this oil can be considered the purest form of oil. It is rich in good nutrients and can improve Immunity and energy.

Colour, Taste, and Aroma of Limmunoil Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil


Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil offers a nose-tingling sharp aroma of Mustards. 

Indians use mustard oils for various purposes. It may include cooking, health, and also a beauty product. The fragrance of mustard oil gives the food an authentic taste. Indian foods are rich in spices and oil, but similarly, while cooking them, a person needs to think about their health at the same time. Limmunoil cold-pressed mustard oil is the best solution for this. 

The taste of Limmunoil mustard oil will make a person fall in love with food. It gives the food a more real taste. 


The oil is a little bit yellow. Limmunoil Cold-Pressed mustard oil is the best solution for cooking and health benefits. 

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