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Pack of 5 Pure Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Benefits of Almond Oil

  • Perfect for hair and skin care.
  • Antioxidant – Boosts immunity.
  • Maintain blood sugar.
  • Best for brain and migraine.
  • Pain-relieving.
  • Prevent Premature Aging.
  • Best for Baby Body Care.
  • Healthy for heart, skin & brain.
  • Pure cold pressed Almond oil has antioxidantanti-nflammatoryantibacterial or anti-carcinogenic properties and may help wounds heal.
  • Rich in Vitamin E, it has been used for centuries to soothe the skin and minor bruises and cuts. As per ancient Chinese and Ayurveda practices, it helps in providing skin solutions in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It has remarkable emollient properties.
  • Almond oil softens and strengthens the hair. It also helps the hair from sun damage.
  • The mono-saturated fats in almond oil are healthy for the heart. They help reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol), thus keeping the cardiovascular system healthy.
  • The antioxidant oil helps boost immunity which is an area of concern in the present-day pandemic.
  • Almond oil helps sharpen the brain. It is also comforting in case of regular headaches and migraine. Its fertile brain properties are unparalleled.
  • Do you want to look fresh and young? Apply almond oil regularly to keep the hair and skin healthy and fresh. Its emollient property prevents premature ageing on regular application.
  • It is one of the best oil for baby body massage. It is suitable for building bones and laying a solid foundation for a child. It is a rich source of Vitamin E.
  • The oil is full of energy and nutrition if consumed with milk. 
  • They are applied on dark circles, a prominent sign of sleep deprivation.
  • A rich source of Omega-9 fatty acid.

Direction of Uses

Applications for use

  • Moisturize your skin – As it gets soaked in the skin, early Almond oil is an effective moisturizer. You can apply it to your face as well as the body. Another property of the oil is that it is light and not too greasy. So the skin does not get too sticky when used as a moisturizer.
  • Makeup remover – To make its use as a makeup remover, apply a small amount about the size of M&M candy into your palm. Using your fingertips, gently apply the oil to the areas where you want to remove the makeup. Then use cotton balls or warm water to remove the oil.
  • Application on extra dry spots – Extra dry spots on the elbows and feet look dry and shabby. Before you give up on those parts of the body, try moisturizing them with Almond oil. 
  • Facial Cleanser – OiI cleansing is an effective way of cleansing the face. It is beneficial if you want to get rid of dead skin. It also helps in the opening of clogged pores.
  • Reduction of under-eye circles – Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Almond oil helped reduce puffiness under the eyes and reduced the dark circle under the eyes.
  • For the hair – Almond oil is a boon for the hair. It helps make the hair shiny and lively. It not only provides moisture to the hair but also the scalp. 
  • Improve complexion and skin tone – Its emollient nature improves the face and skin tone.

Baby massage

  • Almond oil is beneficial for baby massage. The following tips are helpful in the application of Almond oil for baby massage.
  • Apply some oil on your palms and rub the palms gently to make the oil warm. You start with the leg, apply the oil gently on the thighs, and gently pull your hands down to the feet. Repeat this and lay on the other leg.
  • Move to the chest. Join your palms together and gently place the palms on the child's chest and move the palms outwards towards the shoulders. Repeat this 3-4 times. Now place your hands towards the center and slowly massage the stomach.
  • For back massage, turn your baby over and let him lie on his stomach. Place your palms just below the neck and stroke down to the waist with one hand and then the second one.
  • To massage the ears and face, place a few drops on your palm and after rubbing the palms apply the oil, gently giving upward and outward strokes around the face and the ears.
  • For head massage, apply a few drops of almond oil on the scalp and rotate gently on your baby's head.
  • Make sure that you use your hands gently throughout the massage process.


Important Facts

  • Are Almond oils allergic? According to American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) cases of Almond oil reactions are very rare. It is full of calories with composition 899.55 KCAL/100g, SATURATED FAT only 7.74 gm. / 100gms.

  • Pure cold pressed ALMOND oil having Alpha Linolenic Acid[ALA],Vitamin,A,E,COPPER,ZINC,POTASSIUM,MAGNESIUM,PHOSPHORUS,PROTEINS,OMEGA -3,MONOUNSATURATED FAT 72.55gms/100gms,POLYUNSATURATED FAT 19.66gms/100gms.
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