Should you be cooking with cold pressed oils?

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According to Dr. Zamurrud Patel , Nutritionists, Global hospitals , Mumbai , “Olive , sesame , sunflower, canola and coconut oil can all be used for cooking , however these cold pressed oils shouldn’t be used in a huge quantity or shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of heat .” While it is generally recommended to cook with cold pressed oils as they not only give rich flavour to the food but are also healthy ; however, cooking with these oils may be slightly tricky .

These kinds of oil don’t really mix well with heat , which is the sole reason why they are not extracted through heating techniques. These oils have a lot of unsaturated fats which tend to degrade when exposed to heat . If you use these oils for deep frying or sauteing, the unsaturated fats may breakdown making them unsafe for consumption . Oils like sesame oil and olive work best when sprinkled over the cooked food .

If you plan to switch to cold pressed oils , make sure you are not heating them too much , use them on top of salads , bread ms and cooked meats for a combination of flavour and health.

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